Bloom I, II & II - Mixed Media on Wood Panels / 36" x 24"Bloom I + II and 20" x 20" Bloom III - October 2022

Bloom’s work is focused in the photosynthesis of planktons and the journey this species go through yearly from the Atlantic to the Arctic. I was very intrigued to find this natural phenomenon and see the similarities to my work style. I intentionally mimicked the density of the reproduction of plankton, which their presence changes the color of the water in which they live, leaving a colorful trail in the ocean. My approach is very intuitive; through the use of  washed acrylics aligned around earthy colors, I create
space-contained systems driven by shapes, layers, patterns and textures to represent the alge bloom.
Currently on view at Galeria Azur Miami.


GALERIA AZUR (Nov 28th,2022  -  Jan 13th,2023)
Art Basel Exhibition


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